The day-to-day work of the Board of Deputies is carried out by a professional team of staff led by Chief Executive Gillian Merron.

  • Gillian Merron
    Chief Executive

    Gillian Merron joined the Board of Deputies in July 2014 as Chief Executive.
    Gillian was the Member of Parliament for Lincoln from 1997 to 2010.

    Experienced at the heart of Government, Gillian served as a Minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department for International Development, Cabinet Office, Transport, as Minister of State for Public Health and as a senior Government whip. She also worked in support of the Holocaust Education Trust and Labour Friends of Israel. Before being elected to Parliament, Gillian had careers in local government and as a senior trade union official in the East Midlands.

    Gillian has run her own business, advising and advocating on public health across the EU. She was also Chair of a national consumer body and a volunteer, helping disadvantaged women into work.

    Born in Ilford, Gillian studied at Lancaster University. She has served
    on the Board of Liberal Judaism and remains an active member of Lincoln’s small but thriving Jewish community.

  • Jake Berger
    Education Policy and Youth Engagement Officer

    Jake Berger deals with the following areas:

    • Liaising with the Department for Education, Ofsted, Jewish Schools and other key stakeholders on issues of education policy
    • Representing community interests in student affairs to universities, whilst working closely with the Union of Jewish Students
    • Working with young professionals, youth movements and schools on engaging with young people in the Jewish community
  • Marius Bischoff
    International Relations Officer

    Marius Bischoff deals with the following areas:

    • Israel policy issues
    • Raising issues of concern at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
    • Managing relations with diplomatic missions in London
    • First point of contact for the Board of Deputies’ international partners including AJC, European Jewish Congress & World Jewish Congress
    • Advocacy for post-Holocaust restitution, religious freedoms and counter-extremisim on an international level
  • Bernice Black
    Deputies' Liaison Manager

    Bernice Black deals with the following areas


    • First point of contact for all matters relating to Deputies.
    • Responsible for organising the Board Meetings and the
    • Organises the Regional Weekend as well as the democratic processes of the triennial elections.
  • Jackie Emery
    Education Projects Administrator

    Jackie Emery is the administrator for the following areas:

    • Administrator for the Board of Deputies Education Projects, including Jewish Living Tours, Jewish Living Experience Exhibitions and School Assemblies
    • Editor of Board of Deputies’ educational publications
    • Administrator for Pikuach, the Jewish Schools Inspection Service
    • Administrator for the Board of Deputies Communal Diary
  • Daniel Elton
    Government Affairs Officer
  • Lauren Keiles
    Community Engagement Officer
  • Gregory Lyons
    Director of Finance and Operations

    Greg joined the team at the Board of Deputies in 2017 as Director of Finance & Operations. He is a chartered accountant and has worked in Finance, Banking, Management Consulting and Outsourcing. Greg is an active member of his local synagogue Edgware Adath Yisroel Congregation in London.  His responsibilities include:

    • Finance and Accounting
    • Income Generation
    • Operations & Administration
  • Jeffrey Leader
    Director, Pikuach

    Jeffrey Leader is Director of Pikuach.

    Pikuach is the only inspection service that is accredited by the Department for Education (DfE) to undertake inspections at Jewish schools, and as a result Pikuach enjoys a good working relationship and contacts with both the Department for Education and Ofsted.

    Pikuach currently has 27 inspectors all of whom have held or currently hold senior positions in the Anglo-Jewish day school system.

  • Ketty Ozer
    Finance Administrator
  • Sara Perlmutter
    Education Development Manager

    Sara Perlmutter is responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the educational projects of the Board of Deputies including the Jewish Living Experience exhibition and education related publications.

  • Philip Rosenberg
    Director of Public Affairs

    Philip Rosenberg deals with the following areas:

    • Policy formation and strategy
    • Strategic relationships
    • High level political advocacy
    • Public affairs communications
  • Simon Round
    Communications Officer

    Simon Round deals with the following areas:

    • Press releases and statements
    • Website management
    • Social media communications
    • The Community Briefing
  • Joel Salmon
    Parliamentary Officer

    Joel Salmon deals with the following areas:

    • Political and Parliamentary Engagement.
    • Secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews
    • Students and Youth
    • Domestic Antisemitism and Extremism
  • Anthony Silkoff
    Interfaith & Social Action Officer

    Anthony Silkoff deals with the following areas:

    • Relationships with stakeholders from other religious communities
    • Social action programmes
    • Representing the Jewish community at interfaith events
    • Israel issues in other faith communities
  • Sandra Teacher
    Education Consultant

    Sandra Teacher deals with following areas:

    • Education Policy – dealing with Dfe and Ofsted
    • Training sessions eg: New Inspection arrangements; How to promote Fundamental British Values
    • The Religious Education Council and any matters relating to Religious Education including RS GCSE and working with Ofqual and exam boards.
    • Supports the work of ‘ Teaching Judaism’ to other non Jewish groups including training sessions and the Jewish Living Experience and Seeing Jewish Life tours.
  • Dawn Waterman
    Heritage and Archive Adviser
  • Stuart Williamson
    Finance Assistant