April 1, 2021 - Board of Deputies - Share: Twitter Facebook

Rosa Niema Slater is a mentor with The Kids Network. The Kids Network connects young professionals with young people from their local communities to create positive social change. Rosa’s mentoring helps to build resilience and confidence as children transition from primary to secondary school. The Kids Network exists because children, with increasing pressures can be more stressed, depressed, anxious, and angry and these affect disadvantaged kids disproportionately. Rosa loves mentoring in Hackney and has found it to be an exciting and meaningful way for her to give back to her new community.

In addition to this, Rosa is proud to be a member of the Women’s Rights Action Group, which is part of the Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance. She is working with activists from across the Commonwealth to design and implement projects to advocate for women’s rights. Rosa facilitated the first online session in their ‘2021 in 21 minutes’ series, bringing together women’s rights activist Rachel Vogler, from Rene Cassin in the UK, with Mary Mukyala, a Christian from Joyful Works in Uganda, to discuss women’s safety.

Rosa is a member of Liberal Judaism.

The Kids Network Website:

The Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance – Women’s Rights Action Group Page: