Judaism GCSE Religious Studies – The Definitive Resource. Order your copy here

June 14, 2017 - Board of Deputies - Share: Twitter Facebook

A new educational resource – the definitive guide for those teaching Judaism in GCSE Religious Studies – is available now.

Entitled, ‘Judaism GCSE Religious Studies – The Definitive Resource’, it provides an unbiased description of the diversity within the Jewish community, and highlights the issues that are of most importance. The 140-page resource is designed to be easy to use and provides information for both students and teachers. Each topic is headed by a list of key facts, which is followed by fuller explanatory material. Vocabulary for the key facts has been carefully regulated to ensure it is easily accessible to GCSE pupils.

It is available to buy as a PDF download at a price of £9.99 or a hard copy at a price of £17.49 (being cost of book £14.99 plus applicable postage & packing of £2.50 per copy inside the UK).  Please contact us for further information if you require shipping outside the UK.

Once you have ordered your PDF and/or hard copy/copies of the Resource, you should receive an automated receipt from PayPal and your order will then be processed manually by a member of the Education Team as soon as possible during normal office hours.  Please note the office is closed on Friday afternoons from 1pm.

To purchase a PDF copy of the Resource: 

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To order your copy using an alternative purchase method such as BACS, cheque or credit card direct to the Board of Deputies, click here.