Religious Freedoms & Equalities

Medical Practices

The Board of Deputies ensures that mainstream medical practice is not in conflict with Jewish ethics in such areas as organ donation, screening for genetic diseases, assisted dying and non-invasive autopsies. The Board of Deputies established Milah UK to help protect the practice of circumcision in accordance with Jewish law and custom.

Kosher Slaughter

The Board of Deputies plays a central role in the on-going co-ordinated community campaign, Shechita UK, to protect the practice of Shechita, the religious slaughter of animals for food, which faces periodic and repeated challenges both in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Jewish Rights in the Workplace

As well as assisting our communal institutions and defending Jewish practices, we also help individuals facing problems at work or their places of study due to their religious observance.

When issues arise, we advise people of their rights and take appropriate steps to represent their views to employers, schools and colleges, exam boards and professional organisations, such as when, for example, work or exams coincide with the Sabbath or other Jewish Holy Days.

  • We are also working with government and trades unions to encourage the issuing of clear guidance for employers and others of the right to time off for religious observance.   
  • If you are experiencing such problems, please contact the Board at: