Defending Jewish education

The Board of Deputies works to both defend Jewish education, particularly the right of our community’s children to attend Jewish schools, and also works to educate broader society about Judaism and the Jewish way of life. We sit on several panels at the Department of Education (DfE) and we meet regularly with Ministers and civil servants to discuss issues of importance.

We respond to government consultations and act as an information point for schools by organising meetings to explain new areas of legislation.

We work closely with all Jewish schools, with Jewish communal organisations such as the Partnership for Jewish Schools and with colleagues from other faith communities (such as the Church of England Board of Education and the Catholic Education Service) to ensure that the needs of schools of a religious character are met and maintained in legislation.

As part of the Schools Strategic Implementation Group (SSIG) we work to map the current provision of nursery and primary school places across the country in order to ensure that demands can be met in areas where the community is growing.

Ensuring the accuracy of educational materials

It is in our interest that teaching materials used in schools to educate about Judaism and Israel are interesting, accurate and appropriate.

We work closely with educational publishers and curriculum authorities to review materials before they go to print in order to check for errors or misrepresentations.

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