• Education Outreach Programmes

Educating broader society about Judaism and the Jewish way of life

The Jewish Living Experience Exhibition

The Jewish Living Experience is an interactive travelling exhibition which teaches about the Jewish way of life. Aimed primarily at school groups, but suitable for all ages, it enables visitors to gain an insight into Judaism as a living faith with a lifestyle that has been sustained for over 5,000 years. Designed by education experts, the Jewish Living Experience Exhibition supports the teaching of Judaism in line with all agreed Religious Education and Citizenship curriculums.

Through the Jewish Living Experience Exhibition, pupils, teachers and the wider public alike experience Judaism through beautifully illustrated display panels, authentic artefacts and educational activities which promote experiential learning. The Jewish Living Experience Exhibition supports the cause of interfaith dialogue, helps prevent extremism and creates community cohesion

 Jewish Living Tours – a unique way of learning about Judaism as it is lived today

The Board of Deputies of British Jews organises tours of Jewish London, providing students with a close-up experience of Jewish life. The tours typically include visits to synagogues, Jewish shops, a presentation by a Holocaust survivor, a visit to a Jewish school, learning about Jewish life cycle events and sometimes visit a cemetery to understand about end of life practice, and lunch at a kosher restaurant. Each bespoke tour is tailored to suit the visiting group, in line with its Religious Education syllabus and desired outcomes. The Board of Deputies also organises teacher training days and tours for other groups, such as civil servants. This is an exciting opportunity for teachers, students and others to experience an educational visit to a contemporary Jewish community.

Judaism Assemblies and Local Synagogue Visits

The Board of Deputies of British Jews can arrange for knowledgeable Jewish people to visit non-Jewish schools to speak about Judaism to students of all ages and faiths. We can also provide contacts with local synagogues to enable schools to undertake visits closer to their sites. We are currently running an accreditation and mentoring scheme to expand our list of recommended speakers nationally.

  • Education Outreach Programmes

The Board of Deputies of British Jews works closely with publishers and curriculum authorities to review educational material before they go to print, in order to check for factual errors or misrepresentations of Jewish people and the practice of Judaism.

Judaism GCSE Religious Studies: The Definitive Resource, by Clive Lawton

Published in 2016, this 140-page resource is designed to be easy to use and provides information for both students and teachers. Each topic is headed by a list of key facts, followed by fuller explanatory material. Vocabulary for the key facts has been carefully chosen to ensure it is accessible to GCSE students. This resource highlights the subjects that are of most importance and provides an unbiased description of the diversity within the UK Jewish community.

Available in PDF download and print formats, copies of the Resource can be ordered through the website:

  • Defending Jewish Education

The Board of Deputies of British Jews leads the community on public policy in the education sector and works to defend the right of our community to send their children to Jewish schools.

We sit on several panels at the Department for Education (DfE) and Ofsted and meet regularly with government ministers and civil servants. We respond to government consultations, and act as an information point for schools by organising meetings to explain new areas of legislation.

Working with other Jewish educational experts and with colleagues from other faith communities, we act to ensure that the needs of schools with a religious character are met and maintained in legislation and policy.

  • Pikuach – the Jewish School Inspection Service

Pikuach is the only Jewish inspection service accredited by the Department for Education (DfE) to undertake inspections of religious education at Jewish schools in England, the statutory Jewish equivalent of OFSTED.

Under the aegis of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Pikuach was established in 1996 to meet the government requirement that schools have their religious education provision inspected under Section 48 of the UK Education (Schools) Act 2005. Pikuach inspectors are drawn from every section of the community, but all share one thing in common: they are leading experts in Jewish religious education. Working together with schools, they help them to achieve the highest possible standards in this area of education.