Religious Freedoms


Jewish groups intervene to allow student’s exam to be moved from Shavuot

A Jewish student at King’s College London has had their examination date moved from the Jewish festival of Shavuot thanks to an intervention from the Board of Deputies and University Jewish Chaplaincy. Previously the student was only given the alternative of sitting the exam in August during the summer holidays, which may have penalised the […]

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Board of Deputies welcomes faith declaration option on organ donation register

Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman has welcomed the launch of the faith declaration on the organ donation register which will enable religious people to ensure their beliefs are taken into account when organ donation is discussed. Amanda said: “This measure will help preserve the religious freedom of potential organ donors. “There is still […]

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Milah UK welcomes Icelandic decision to drop circumcision bill

Dr Simon Hochhauser, the Co-chair of Milah UK which promotes and protects the right of the Jewish community to carry out religious circumcision, has welcomed Iceland’s decision to drop its proposed bill to ban circumcision. He said: “We welcome the common sense decision of the Icelandic Parliament to drop this bill which would have criminalised […]

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Board of Deputies calls for caution over organ donation changes

Responding to the Prime Minister’s conference speech, in which she said that the Government will shift “the balance in favour of organ donation”, Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl called for caution. She said: “While, in principle, Judaism encourages organ donation in order to save lives, any changes must ensure that there […]

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Board of Deputies welcomes Law Commission “Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty” report

The Board of Deputies has welcomed the Law Commission’s report “Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty”. Prof David Katz, who co-ordinated the Jewish community’s response, noted that the Commission had consulted widely with faith communities, and had taken into account concerns about excessive and unnecessary coroner referrals which have contributed to delays in burial. He […]

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Religious Freedoms & Equalities

Medical Practices The Board of Deputies ensures that mainstream medical practice is not in conflict with Jewish ethics in such areas as organ donation, screening for genetic diseases, assisted dying and non-invasive autopsies. The Board of Deputies established Milah UK to help protect the practice of circumcision in accordance with Jewish law and custom. Kosher Slaughter The Board […]

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