LIVE THE MIRACLE THIS CHANUKAH... 1 for 8 Eco-Chanukah Challenge Stretch one day’s worth of fossil fuel ‘oil’ consumption
over all eight days of Chanukah
Here’s how: Calculate your own carbon footprint (here’s a quick on-line resource), or think bigger and calculate your shul’s footprint (contact Rabbi Natan for full details). Commit to cut your footprint by 7/8th for each day of Chanukah. Turning one day of ‘oil’ into an eight day miracle. Take the 1 for 8 challenge on the Eco-Chanukah Facebook page.
Here’s some tips:
  • Shabbat Chanukah by Candle-light
  • Make organic latkes
Let us know about your eco-Chanukah miracles, and we’ll publicise them to the community. Tweet #ecochanukah with your story If you or your community meets the 1 for 8 challenge this Chanukah, send us your ‘before’ and ‘after’ footprint statistics and receive the
Board’s 1 for 8 AWARD
For further eco-Chanukah ideas, or to find out more about the Jewish Climate Campaign for COP21, contact: Rabbi Natan Levy,