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Board takes British imams to Paris for emotional visit

The Board’s Edwin Shuker accompanied a group of six British imams on an emotional visit to Paris on Sunday  to meet and express solidarity with the representatives of the French Jewish community following the recent terror attacks. The imams approached Board senior vice president Laura Marks to investigate the possibility of  a visit and it […]

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Sir Martin Gilbert

Board president Vivian Wineman was “deeply saddened” by the the news of the death of historian Sir Martin Gilbert. He said: “Sir Martin was a highly prolific and hugely talented historian whose work was enthused by a love of Israel a passion for truth and a unique gift for communication.”

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Board statement on antisemitism statistics

New statistics published by the Community Security Trust show that antisemitic incidents doubled in 2014 over 2013. Board president Vivian Wineman commented that the rise in reported figures was “concerning” but that government had taken appropriate action to combat hate. “The rise in antisemitism confirms our personal experiences. But we are reassured that the government […]

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Wineman ‘saddened’ by attack on French soldiers

Board President Vivian Wineman has said he is “saddened” by a knife attack which injured  two soldiers guarding the Jewish community centre in Nice. Mr Wineman added: This emphasises the need for continual vigilance. We wish the soldiers a speedy recovery”

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Board condemns Ofcom ruling over Willcox

Board vice president Jonathan Arkush has condemned the decision of Ofcom not to uphold complaints made against BBC reporter Tim Willcox over remarks he made to a Jewish woman. In the interview, which took place at the recent Paris rally in solidarity with victims of terror, Mr Willcox spoke to a woman who was expressing […]

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Board condemns Sizer for 9/11 posting

Board vice president Jonathan Arkush has strongly condemned the Reverend Stephen Sizer, an Anglican vicar who posted to Facebook an article accusing Jews and Israel of responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, adding to his posting an apparent endorsement that the article ‘raises so many questions’. Mr Arkush said: “Posting a link and giving approval to an article which in effect […]

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David Landau – a tribute

We learned with great sorrow this week of the untimely death of David Landau, A British-born Jew who made his mark in Israel as a journalist,editor and author both in the English and Hebrew language press. David was a talented writer, and a man of conscience who was not afraid to stand out against the […]

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Essex children learn about Jewish life on Board tour

Around 180 children from an Essex secondary school discovered first-hand about the Jewish way of life this week on one of the Board’s Jewish Living Tour , which took in a synagogue, Jewish schools and Jewish high streets. This programme, an extension of the Jewish living Experience travelling exhibition, aims to consolidate students’ religious education […]

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Department for Education relents over dairy requirement

The Department of Education has relented over a stipulation which could have meant Jewish schools having to mix meat and dairy. A new initiative aimed at driving healthy eating at schools had recommended that meat and dairy be available for school lunches. However, following a meeting with officials, Sara Perlmutter, education policy and projects manager […]

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Communities Secretary ‘Incredibly impressed’ by Yesodey Hatorah

Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles MP has  visited Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School in Stamford Hill to see at first-hand the excellent standard of education and to reassure the community of the Government’s support. The Secretary of State was welcomed by school Principal Rabbi Avrohom Pinter, school and Head Teacher Mrs Rivky Weinberg. At […]

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Response from Leicester community to Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby

The following is a response from Leicester’s Jewish community to the Mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby: ‘There has been a report on BBC Sunday Politics East Midlands on 25 January 2015 (at 1.00:32 into the programme) that Sir Peter Soulsby, the Mayor of Leicester, “says that he has backing from leaders of the Jewish […]

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Board holds productive meetings in Stamford Hill

Board chief executive Gillian Merron and public and parliamentary affairs officer Sophie Dunoff visited Stamford Hill on January 20 to meet representatives and organisations from the strictly Orthodox community. Their first meeting of the day was with Rabbi Hershel Gluck OBE, a well-known activist and communal leader in Stamford Hill. It was a productive meeting […]

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Secretary of State for Education meets communal delegation led by Board

The Board of Deputies led a delegation including the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJes) to meet Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan MP. The meeting, at the Department of Education on January 15, was to discuss areas of concern for the community. Matters raised included the Government’s continued commitment to […]

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Board statement on EU Council of Ministers and Hamas

The Board of Deputies welcomes the decision by the Council of Ministers of the European Union to appeal against the EU General Court’s decision to remove Hamas from the list of designated terrorist organisations. Vice President and Chairman of the International Division of the Board Alex Brummer said: “During Operation Protective Edge Hamas once again […]

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First Holocaust Memorial Day candle is lit at Board ceremony

The first candle of 70 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau was lit on Sunday in a moving ceremony at Sunday’s Board of Deputies plenary session. The candle, designed by sculptor Anish Kapoor, was lit by UJS president Ella Rose in the presence of Holocaust survivor and Holocaust Memorial Day Honorary […]

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Twitter launch for Board’s film for Deputies

The Board of Deputies has released via Twitter its new short film entitled ‘Why Be a Deputy?’ which aims to persuade people to stand in May’s Board elections. The 3 minute film by videographer Josh Newman was well-received at its premiere at the Board’s Plenary meeting on Sunday. It includes scenes from the Board at […]

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Cabinet ministers tell Board event they will fight antisemitism

Home Secretary Theresa May and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles have reassured the Jewish community that the government is doing everything it can to fight antisemitism. Speaking at#NousSommesJuifs, a Board of Deputies event to commemorate the lives lost in the Paris terrorist attacks, Ms May said: “I know many Jews are feeling anxious. I never thought […]

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Statement on guns and Jewish security

Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the Rabbinical Centre of Europe has suggested gun licensing laws should be reviewed for individuals within Jewish communities for their protection. This is not the time to encourage Jewish individuals to take law enforcement into their own hands. As a community we must continue to work within the law and with […]

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Board statement on anti-semitism poll

The Board of Deputies of British Jews  and the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC)  have noted the ‘poll of Jewish attitudes’ on antisemitism in Great Britain and the discourse that has accompanied it. Even when allowing for the methodological flaws of the research, the anxiety articulated is real and we should not be complacent about the […]

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Antisemitic book should be removed from Amazon

Vice President Jonathan Arkush has written to Amazon to demand that an anti-semitic book be removed from the website. The book, It’s the Jews Stupid. Who and What These Evil Vipers Are, is clearly  inciting hatred – an offence in the UK. If you would like to add your complaint, please use the address below.

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Call to action – take the BBC to task over Tim Willcox

The BBC’s Tim Willcox was guilty of outrageously unbalanced reporting during a sequence broadcast from the Paris rally on Sunday. Willcox was interviewing a French Jew who was explaining how terrified she was to be the target of Islamist terror attacks and that the entire community were fearful. Willcox interjected: “Many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians […]

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Message to the community regarding the Paris terrorist attacks

From The Board of Deputies; The Jewish Leadership Council; CST; BICOM; UJIA; ZF 12th January 2015 We have been deeply saddened by the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris last week.  Our community’s thoughts and prayers have gone out to the victims and their families. This was an attack upon Jews, freedom of speech and those […]

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Statement on attack on Paris kosher supermarket

The Board of Deputies of British Jews would like to express its deepest sympathy to the families of Yohan Cohen, Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham and Francois-Michel Saada, who were murdered in Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris. We are in close contact with our counterparts in France, the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (Crif), and stand […]

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Archbishop of Canterbury to be guest of honour at Board Dinner

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Rt Hon Justin Welby, is to be the guest of honour at the Board of Deputies’ Annual Dinner which will take place at a central London venue on May 5. Board of Deputies President Vivian Wineman said: “We are delighted the Archbishop of Canterbury has accepted our invitation. […]

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Statement on Terror Attack in Paris

The Board of Deputies of British Jews condemns the brutal terror attack which has taken place today at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. President Vivian Wineman said: “Although some details are unclear at this point, we are revolted by this attack carried out by extremists on the free press in […]

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London Marathon 2016 statement

The Board of Deputies is aware of reports that the 2016 London Marathon may clash with the second day of Pesach. A Board spokesman said: “We have been in contact with the organisers today to seek clarification on this and have been told that there are a number of dates under consideration including 24 April […]

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Alex Brummer on how Israel vanished from HarperCollins atlas

The very idea that a major publisher, HarperCollins, would release an atlas for use by English-speaking children in schools in the Middle East, which fails to show Israel is outrageous. The state of Israel has been a fact of life in the region for 66-years and has been recognised as such by the most populous Arab […]

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The Board at Limmud 2014

The Board is delighted to be participating in Limmud this year. Please find below a list of sessions either run by the Board or including Board representation. Sunday   Jewish refugees from Arab lands: remembering and celebrating 13.30-14.30 Michelle Huberman & David Walsh Arts – Woods A session held jointly with Harif. With the Israeli […]

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Simon Round appointed Board’s PR & Communications Officer

Simon Round, the Jewish Chronicle’s former chief features writer, has joined the Board of Deputies as its new PR and Communications Officer. Simon has written a popular column for the JC for more than 20 years and his interviewees have included Joan Rivers, Jerry Springer and Stephen Fry. During his career he has also built […]

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Board and APPG on British Jews host Annual Chanukah Reception

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, together with the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews, held its Annual Parliamentary Chanukah Reception on Tuesday 16 December. The reception was sponsored by Robert Halfon MP. Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow MP was the principal speaker. He was joined on the podium by […]

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Statement on the European Union’s designation of Hamas

The Board of Deputies of British Jews believes that the decision taken by the European Union General Court to remove Hamas from the European Union’s list of officially designated terror organisations is unacceptable and an affront to the values of Europe. The aims and ideology of Hamas, as well as the methods it uses in pursuit […]

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Statement on Holocaust Memorial Day in Ireland

The Board of Deputies of British Jews deplores the decision apparently taken by Holocaust Education Trust Ireland that “the MC of Holocaust Memorial Day will not refer to the Jewish State or the State of Israel during any part of the ceremony.” It is totally inappropriate for the commemoration of the greatest crime against the […]

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Leadership and Grassroots Combine to Beat BDS

Steven Jaffe – Grassroots Consultant to the Board. RIBA rescinds its call to exclude Israeli architects from an international professional body. A group of Labour councillors in Dudley in the West Midlands withdraw an extremist resolution  which called on the council to end all “procurement of goods and services where there is a direct benefit to the State of […]

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Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life

The Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life ( are running a national consultation, seeking responses from the public on how religion and belief affect many areas, including the media, social action, education and the law, to name but a few. Responses need to be submitted by 31st December, and we encourage members […]

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Jewish Living Exhibition in Carlisle

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has launched its Jewish Living Experience, its unique travelling Exhibition in Carlisle. The UK Jewish community’s premier education resource for young people, the exhibition opened at Tullie House Museum and will run until 11 December. Carlisle City Council & Tullie House Museum have kindly sponsored the exhibition that will be […]

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Remembering Har Nof victims across the UK

Jewish communities across the UK have held special services to remember the five men murdered in cold blood in a brutal terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue. Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky, Rabbi Moshe Twersky, and Rabbi Kalman Levine and Zidan Saif were remembered with prayers and readings. The Jewish Leadership Council and […]

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Statement on FA and Dave Whelan

The Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomes the decision to charge Wigan FC owner Dave Whelan over comments he made last week. Vice President Jonathan Arkush said: “We commend the FA for acting quickly and decisively, sending out a message to players and supporters that racist and divisive language of the kind that Whelan […]

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Call to Action: European Parliament Vote on Palestinian statehood

During its plenary on 15 – 18 December, the European Parliament will hold a vote on the recognition of Palestinian statehood. The parties behind the initiative are the Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D) and the Unified European Left Party (GUE). We are urging you to e-mail your local MEPs to urge them to vote against unilateral […]

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Jewish Connection receives grant from Six Point Foundation

  We are delighted to announce that our regional communities project, Jewish Connection, has received a grant of £25,000 from Six Point Foundation. Six Point Foundation gives grants to improve the lives of Holocaust survivors and refugees of Jewish origin in financial need in the UK. The grant will be used to locate and support […]

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Statement on Whelan’s ‘Apology’

Yesterday Dave Whelan, owner of Wigan FC, insulted the Jewish community during an interview with the Guardian newspaper. Mr Whelan has now said, “I have loads of Chinese friends and I would never ever insult the Chinese. I’d never ever ever insult a Jewish person. I hold them in the highest regard.” David Gold (West […]

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Remembering the Har Nof victims

The Board of Deputies & The Jewish Leadership Council On Tuesday in Har Nof, Jerusalem, five people were murdered in a brutal terror attack. Four people were murdered whilst at prayer: Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky, Rabbi Moshe Twersky, and Rabbi Kalman Levine. A policeman, Zidan Saif, was murdered trying to protect them. The […]

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Parliamentary debate – Write to your MP

On 1 December there will be an Adjournment Debate in Westminster Hall at 4.30pm for three hours on the “petition relating to ending the conflict in Palestine”. It is sponsored by Grahame Morris MP, who also initiated the debate on Palestinian statehood. This time there will not be a vote. We are asking people to write to their MPs to […]

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Gillian Merron addresses World Jewish Congress

The inaugural WJC National Community Directors’ Forum was held in Prague, with chief professional officers from over 50 affiliated communities, from El Salvador to Ukraine, in attendance. At the conference, Gillian gave a briefing on the current state of UK-Israel relations and also took the opportunity to introduce the Board’s 2015 General Election Jewish Manifesto, copies […]

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Joint statement from the Board and the JLC on terror attack in Jerusalem

The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council deplore and condemn the horrific terror attack which took place in Jerusalem this morning and resulted in the murder of four Israelis and the wounding of several others. The attack comes during a period of heightened tension in Jerusalem, exacerbated by the incessant […]

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Statement on Yachad

“We welcome the Deputies’ clear decision to accept the recommendation of its constitutional committee by a two-thirds majority. “While self-evidently some do not agree with this decision, we urge everyone to accept the decisive outcome of the democratic process and to move ahead now with the job of representing the full range of interests and […]

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Mitzvah Day 2014

Mitzvah Day 2014 takes place this Sunday, 16 November. Mitzvah Day was founded by Board Senior Vice President Laura Marks in 2005 (originally with the JCC for London) and is the Jewish led global annual day of social action where thousands upon thousands of people from all faiths and backgrounds donate time, not money. Supported […]

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Community meets with Home Secretary

Jewish community leaders met with Home Secretary Theresa May MP to express communal concerns about antisemitism and extremism. The continuing spread of extremism and related terrorist threats against the Jewish Community was also a matter of particular focus. The group was led by Gerald Ronson CBE (Chairman of Community Security Trust) and included Mick Davis (Chairman of JLC), Vivian […]

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Annual AJEX Parade & Reunion 2014

This Year’s AJEX Parade will be on Sunday November 16th. Fall-In on Horseguards Parade at 1.30 pm. The Remembrance Ceremony at the Cenotaph, led by the Chief Rabbi, begins at 2.30 pm. The Reviewing Officer will be Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL. We look forward to a large attendance and […]

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The Board & workplace issues

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has published new guidelines for employers on their obligations to employees who wish to rearrange work around religious holidays. In a letter sent to the Board – and designed to be read by employers – the EHRC reminds them that they must respect Article 8 of the Human […]

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Board of Deputies statement on Sir Alan Duncan MP’s remarks

The Board of Deputies condemns Alan Duncan’s remarks in a speech he made to RUSI yesterday and during an interview with BBC Radio 4 on Monday 13 October. In his speech, the MP likened those expressing any support for settlements to antisemites, sexists and homophobes. Sir Alan did not differentiate between locations or levels of […]

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Say No To Antisemitism rally Sunday 19 October Manchester City Centre

The Board is backing an important rally taking place in Manchester on Sunday, led by guest speaker Vice President Jonathan Arkush, with a clear message that we all support: SAY NO TO ANTISEMITISM, which saw very disturbing levels during the Gaza conflict. The Manchester community is to be commended for organising the event, which the […]

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Statement on Europe–Iran Forum

This week, from 15-16 October, London will host the 1st Europe-Iran Forum, a conference on ‘post-sanctions investment and trade’. The conference will bring together a range of businesses, academics and cultural figures to discuss opportunities to trade with Iran ‘should sanctions be lifted’. The Board acknowledges initiatives to engage Iran in pursuit of a better […]

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Statement on Backbench vote in support of Palestinian Statehood

In light of yesterday evening’s backbench vote in the House of Commons (13th October) in support of recognition of Palestinian statehood, the Board of Deputies has issued the following statement: “The Board of Deputies and the vast majority of British Jews support a two-state solution, in line with Israeli and British Government policy. This evening’s vote was a statement of […]

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Board of Deputies statement on the participation by Rev Stephen Sizer at antisemitic conference sponsored by the Iranian government

The Board’s Vice President Jonathan Arkush said: “I am appalled that Rev Sizer participated in a conference of antisemites in Tehran, sponsored by the Iranian government, which ranks among the most vicious persecutors of Christians and others, and is sworn to the destruction of the State of Israel. Rev Sizer’s attendance and active role at […]

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President’s Rosh Hashanah message 5775 – a tale of two elections

Coming out of a most turbulent summer, our thoughts are with Israel and we hope and pray that the ceasefire with Hamas is a lasting one. Our wide ranging responses during Operation Protective Edge included supporting 25 Israel grassroots organisations from across the UK with strategic and hands on support (including at over a dozen […]

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Board Chief Executive meets Chief Rabbi

This week Board Chief Executive Gillian Merron met with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, to discuss a range of issues affecting the Jewish Community, including education and interfaith work. Chief Rabbi Mirvis was presented with the first published copy of the newly launched General Election 2015 Jewish Manifesto, which includes issues of vital importance to the […]

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A busy summer internship at the Board

By Josh Holt For the past six weeks I have been interning at the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and my experience there has been like no other. I have gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the Jewish community, whilst grappling to understand the monumental scale of the work undertaken by a […]

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Mike Freer MP writes about his meeting with Theresa May

Israel and Anti-Semitism By Mike Freer The past two weeks after the Commons returned from the summer recess has seen the issue of Israel, Gaza and anti-Semitism come to the fore. Israel and Gaza has been a polarising issue in the Commons but most worrying is the underlying anti-Semitism that has become apparent. The outbreak […]

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Board’s role in fighting Anti Semitism

The Board spoke at Sunday’s Campaign Against Anti Semitism Rally. We were greatly encouraged by the numbers in attendance and as you will read  below, we are operating on numerous fronts to ensure that the law is used much more robustly to bring those who discriminate against Jews to task. How we are responding by […]

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