Activity Report



Stephen Bush, Chair of the Board of Deputies’ Commission on Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish Community, along with Public Affairs Director Phil Rosenberg and Commission Secretariat Anthony Silkoff met colleagues from the Church of England and Lambeth Palace, to discuss synergies in our anti-racism work, in particular the Church of England Anti-Racism Taskforce, and the Board’s Commission on Racial Inclusivity, both of which released their reports on Thursday 22nd April, Stephen Lawrence Day.


The Board of Deputies recently organised roundtables for Jewish religious authorities and denominations with Public Health England Director, Professor Jonathan Simpson.

Government, Regional and Religious Affairs Officer, Daniel Elton spoke at the Annual Conference of Medical Examiners, and at medical examiner training sessions.


The Board of Deputies organised a roundtable discussion of synagogal organisations and burial societies to discuss potential changes to financial regulation of burial societies.


A regional Jewish Representative Councils Chairs and Presidents meeting, convened by the Board of Deputies, was held.  Sara Radivan, Regional Manager, delivered a report about her first 12 months in post and moving forward.  Presentations were also delivered by guests Neil Martin, Chief Executive Yom Hashoah UK and JLGB, Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and Brian Bloom, National Chairman, AJEX who spoke about how they will keep their national projects accessible to the regions once we can meet in person again.  The meeting was chaired by President Marie van der Zyl.  Also in attendance, representing the Board of Deputies, was Daniel Elton, Government, Regional and Religious Affairs who delivered a Covid 19 update and Judy Silkoff, Director of OperationsAttending the meeting, representing their communities were Dennis Coppel (Belfast), Marilyn Keen (Bournemouth), Laura Gold and Anna Grantham (Hull), Susie Gordon (Leeds), David May (Leicester), Michelle Hayward (Liverpool), Russell Conn, Jacky Buchsbaum and Jeremy Michelson (Manchester), Linda Scott (Newcastle and North East), Laurence Khan (South Wales), Sarah Wilkes (Sussex) and Ed Horwich (Jewish Small Communities Network).


Community Engagement Officer Lauren Keiles and Regional Manager Sara Radivan met with Esty Bruk from The Friendship Circle – Manchester to discuss future areas of collaboration.


Andrea Passe, Project Manager EcoSynagogue met with Eleanor Chapman and Jeevun Rohilla from the Faiths Forum for London along with EcoSynagogue Rabbi Mark Goldsmith to discuss involvement in the “Where Nature Meets Faith” project, in collaboration with the Royal Parks. This event will take the form of a series of webinars exploring the intersection between religious teachings and our public duty to experience and protect nature.