Update on the Complaint made by the Board of Deputies regarding Rev Sizer
The Board’s complaint has moved through the initial stages of the Church’s procedure.  

The Bishop of Guildford has now invited the Board and Rev Sizer to approve the appointment of Conciliators who will seek to bring the parties together to explore whether the complaint can be resolved by agreement.  The Board has accepted, as has Rev Sizer.  The Board has also accepted the Bishop’s proposal that one of the Conciliators be from the Jewish community, with the other from the Church of England.  The Board and Rev Sizer have agreed on the Conciliators’ appointment.  Both are persons of high distinction with strong records of many years of public service.  At the Bishop’s request, it is not proposed to disclose their names. 

As the representative body of the United Kingdom’s Jewish community, it is important that the Board’s position is well understood by the community.  The Board fully stands by its view that the matters complained of amount to conduct by Rev Sizer unbecoming or inappropriate to a Minister of the Church of England. 

 The Board is more than happy to test whether the complaint can be satisfactorily resolved by agreement.  It therefore welcomes the opportunity to participate in the Conciliation.  If the complaint cannot be resolved by agreement, it will continue to be dealt with through the disciplinary procedure laid out in the Clergy Discipline Measure and its associated rules.