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Board meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace

On the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee celebration, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II received a Board of Deputies delegation at Buckingham Palace today.

Board President Vivian Wineman, Senior Vice President Jonathan Arkush, Treasurer Laurence Brass, Vice President Jerry Lewis, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, Rabbi Levy and Chief Executive Jon Benjamin were accompanied by five past Board Presidents and members of the Anglo-Jewish Association.  

As one of 27 other privileged bodies, the group presented Her Majesty with the following Loyal Address: 


Most Gracious Sovereign

We, The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the elected representatives of the Jewish community of Great Britain, and we, the Anglo-Jewish Association on our own behalf, sincerely offer to Your Majesty our heartfelt and warmest congratulations on the joyous occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Your Majesty’s accession to the throne.

Both in the Bible and in the writings of our sages, we are instructed to pray for the welfare of the Monarch and the nation in which we reside.  As British Jews we do so on every Sabbath day, in every Jewish congregation in the land willingly, gratefully and with the deepest affection for Your Majesty.

We pray that He who gives salvation to kings and dominion to princes, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, may bless our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth and all the Royal Family.

In our prayers we ask that Your Majesty be delivered from all trouble and sorrow.  We acknowledge the fortitude and grace shown by Your Majesty in times of national and personal sorrow, and happily, more often, the joy of the glorious personal and national occasions you have shared with your people.

We ask Almighty God to put a spirit of wisdom and understanding into Your Majesty’s heart.

We should like to thank Your Majesty for sixty years of such great wisdom and understanding.  We appreciate that our prayers for the peace of the realm and the welfare of the nation have been truly answered in Your Majesty’s reign, and that Your Majesty has answered our prayers to the Almighty that you deal kindly and justly with all the house of Israel.

We call down the traditional Jewish blessing upon Your Majesty, that you continue to reign over us “until you are 120”, in good health, in peace and in tranquillity, surrounded by the respect, admiration and affection of your loyal and devoted subjects, among whom the Jewish community is proud and happy to be counted.

Concluding the royal visit, Mr Wineman who delivered the loyal address on behalf of the delegation said, “We were deeply honoured to have such a wonderful opportunity with Her Majesty who engaged delightfully on a variety of interesting topics.  Of course, we didn’t neglect to wish her ‘until 120’.