November 2011
Board Statement: Board condemns Atzmon appearance at publically funded event
The Board was shocked this week to discover that Gilad Atzmon is to appear at an Arts Council sponsored event in Bradford. The event bills itself as a "festival of political song" and includes a workshop entitled "Songs to counter the Zionist Bullies". Atzmon is a man who fuels antisemitism and questions the Holocaust; by hosting him the event clearly lays itself open to the charge of supporting and promoting his unsavoury views. The Board of Deputies has written to the Arts Council expressing our concerns and calling on them to prevent Atzmon from appearing.

We note the reports that that Bradford TUC voted unanimously this week to condemn Atzmon and his views, and that Hope Not Hate said that he should be shunned in the way David Irving and Nick Griffin are. 

The Board of Deputies' Chief Executive, Jon Benjamin, commented, "Atzmonís comments have made him too hot to handle even for many of his former friends on the anti-Zionist left, but his increasingly hate-filled statements, questioning aspects of the Holocaust and stigmatising Jews, have given him an enthusiastic following among a new cohort of unsavoury characters.  That he should be embraced by the organisers of a publically funded event should be a matter for profound concern, particularly as the event website caries a link to Atzmonís own, with all the divisive and bigoted invective that contains.Ē