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Board Votes to Play a Part in Global Hunger Project

The Board of Deputies voted 113 to 65 to endorse the ‘Grow Tatzmiach’ project to address the issue of world hunger.  A total of 25 volunteers, including Deputies, will attend a training weekend next month which will enable them to embark on a food hunger project with any charity they choose which need not necessarily be Oxfam. Oxfam GB however will lead the training weekend and provide mentoring for six months.  World Jewish Relief and Tzedek will also offer mentoring to engage participants in their work for relief of hunger. 

The issue was discussed in a 90-minute debate at yesterday’s Board of Deputies Board Meeting,  following weeks of intensive argument by Deputies and their constituencies both for and against the Project and the association with Oxfam GB.  The Project had also attracted considerable media comment. Despite the heavy snow there was almost a record turn- out of Deputies with a record number indicating a desire to speak. In the event more than 30 Deputies spoke in the debate, both for and against a motion which recommended proceeding with the Project, subject to certain shared understandings regarding Oxfam's position on Israel.   

Board of Deputies’ President Vivian Wineman said: "I was delighted that so many Deputies turned up from all over Britain, despite the adverse weather. There were cogent arguments presented by both sides, which created an excellent demonstration of democracy and debate. We are delighted that our Grow Tatzmiach Project has been approved by a clear majority. We are however sensitive to the concerns of those who opposed the motion and hope that these can be addressed.” 

Senior Vice President Laura Marks said: “The Jewish community is committed to alleviating poverty. The project will train us how to campaign more effectively at grass roots level. By working together with Oxfam we will continue to express our deep commitment to social justice and share the Jewish belief that actively working towards a better world for all is at the core of Judaism.”