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Results of Board Divisional Elections
by The Board posted in Community

On Sunday 15 July 2012 the Board held its Divisional elections. 

The Board consists of four Divisions covering each area of the Board's work - Finance and Organisation, Defence and Group Relations, Community Issues and International. Each Division's work is informed by a committee consisting of twelve Deputies elected by their peers for a three year term and chaired by one of the Vice Presidents or Treasurer. 

The new Divisions are:

Community Issues Division 

Chaired by Laura Marks - Michael Berkson, Georgina Bye, Shimon Cohen, Alistair De Kare Silver, Rachel Elf, Ilana Fenster, Flora Frank, Maurice Minsky, Jackie Naftalin, Susan Pascoe, Neville Sasseinie, Linda Sharpe.

Defence and Group Relations Division

Chaired by Jonathan Arkush - Valerie Berkson, Ephraim Borowski, David Farbey, Ronald Fraser, Jonathan Hoffman, David Katz, Tony Leifer, Denise Lester, Jerry Lewis, Eleanor Lind, Dan Mackenzie, Janet Tresman.

Finance a
nd Organisation Division

Chaired by Laurence Brass - Hana Birks, Syd Braham, Jonathan Davies, Sheila Gewolb, Simon Hochhauser, Stuart MacDonald, Tony Ostrin, Simon Sacerdoti, Robert Stone, Marie Van Der Zyl, Richard Verber, Noga Zivan.

International Division

Chaired by Alex Brummer - Sydney Assor, Paul Edlin, Danny Handler, Elliot Jebreel, Flo Kaufmann, Eric Moonman, Jonathan Sacerdoti, David Safir, Edwin Shuker, David Sumberg, Gabriel Webber, Noemi Zell.  

Board President Vivian Wineman commented, "We are delighted with the results. There is an exciting mixture of newcomers and existing deputies which should produce a mixture of energy and experience which will be hugely beneficial going forward.

Board Senior Vice President Laura Marks commented, "Our ability to represent the diversity of the community is key to the credibility of the Board.  With an unprecedented 35% of divisional seats being taken by women and  nearly a quarter by our dynamic young people, the results really reflect the strengths of our community."

Congratulations to all the successful candidates!