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£25 to the Board of Deputies- why and for what?
by Colin Spanjar posted in Community

One of the most frequent questions I get asked once people realise I work for the Board of Deputies is a simple, yet complicated one. “What do they do?” They rarely ask what I do because that’s of no relevance: it’s always what do they do and why? Read More

How the Board found historic Sefer Torah new home
by Colin Spanjar posted in Education

The Community Issues Director of the Board Colin Spanjar takes you through an amazing journey in which he was given the task of investigating the origins of an historic 300 year old Sefer Torah, that was discovered in a Kensington flat. Thanks to Colin it now has a new home in a top Jewish school. Read More

No two days are the same in Community Issues Division
by Colin Spanjar posted in Education

Colin Spanjar, director of the our Community Issues Division, talks about the exciting and varied life at being centrally involved with all that is best about the Board. Read More

Reflecting on the Night of Broken Glass
by Colin Spanjar posted in Community

Colin Spanjar, Director of the Community Issues Divisions, reflects on the anniversary last week of the Night of Broken Glass and the lasting historical impact of those events. Read More

Yom HaShoah 2012: A Personal Perspective
by Colin Spanjar posted in General Interest

For the last few years I have had the honour of attending many meetings of the Yom HaShaoh Executive, representing the Board of Deputies. The passion of those who sit at those meetings is incredible and when you have the privilege of sitting with someone like Ben Helfgott you begin to realise how important this day actually is... Read More

Forgotten Cemeteries
by Colin Spanjar posted in Community

One of the major pieces of work that occupies my time at the Board is that of the forgotten Jewish Cemeteries. From the re-admittance of the Jews by Cromwell in 1656, Jewish communities appeared across the country, including in places where there is little or no discernable Jewish presence today. As a community we have lived and left memories throughout the UK; from Penzance in the South West all the way to Sunderland in the North East, vibrant communities have existed throughout the last 356 years. Read More