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Going to university? Contact University Jewish Chaplaincy
by The Board posted in Education

Suzy tells you about some of the work of University Jewish Chaplaincy Read More

Engaging with Survivors in order to pass on future message
by Laura Marks posted in Education

The biggest gathering of Holocaust survivors ever to meet in the UK took place on Monday at the unlikely venue of Wembley Stadium. Hundreds of survivors, their carers, children and grandchildren packed out the room to share their views and to ensure that future generations benefit from their personal experiences of the genocide that defined the darkest moments of the twentieth century. Read More

Board’s expert panel meets with Examinations board about cultural sensitivities around exam questions
by The Board posted in Education

An expert panel convened by the Board of Deputies’ education team met with a leading schools examinations board this week over issues relating to cultural sensitivities around examination questions. Read More

Limmud 2013- Board makes full contribution to annual festival of learning
by The Board posted in Education

The dust has finally settled after the record breaking Limmud Conference at Warwick University. Among the biggest draws was our own Interfaith and Social Action consultant Rabbi Natan Levy, whose Talmud Live! Sessions- in which halachic tractates were discussed using role playing and audience interaction- attended by over 100 people. Read More

Education, Education, Education
by The Board posted in Education

The Board has been extremely busy in fulfilling its mandate of presenting Judaism to non Jews. Read More

Jewish Early Years teaching professionals discuss curriculum changes
by The Board posted in Education

An Early Years meeting sponsored by PaJeS and the Board of Deputies of British Jews saw nearly 70 educators from Jewish schools and nurseries hear from leading speakers in education about major changes to the Early Years curriculum. Read More

Non Jewish school children learning lots about Judaism
by The Board posted in Education

One of the Board’s most successful products is the Seeing Jewish Life (SJL) tours, which teaches over a thousand non Jewish children a year about Judaism. The first of this academic year’s cohort were treated to a tour of the Jewish Military Museum in Hendon, before enjoying a delicious kosher lunch. Read More

Limmud and the Board: Education at the heart of what we do
by The Board posted in Education

Deputy for World Jewish Relief and co-Chair of Limmud Conference, Richard Verber blogs about the central role Limmud, and the Board, play in UK Jewry. Read More

Board delighted that Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis will be attending Limmud
by The Board posted in Education

We are delighted that our new Chief Rabbi will be participating in the Limmud Conference. His presence at UK Jewry’s most successful and dynamic cross communal event elevates it still further, and we are greatly looking forward to hearing him speak there. Read More

My Exeter Journey
by Sara Younger posted in Education

Sara Younger, Education Policy and Projects Manager writes about her experiences at Exeter Jewish Community\'s 250th celebrations. Read More

Jewish Way of Life Exhibition lights up Exeter 250 celebrations
by The Board posted in Education

Nearly 100 people packed into the Guildhall in Exeter city centre for the launch of The Jews of Exeter, written by Author Helen Fry. It was also the inauguration of the week long Jewish Way of Life Exhibition. Read More

Speaking the same language to Government
by Laura Marks posted in Education

Our Senior Vice President Laura Marks explains how the Government U-turn over proposals to make the teaching of one of a narrow range of foreign languages for 7-11 year olds compulsory, followed months of communal campaigning; and why the community needs to continue to work together in speaking up for faith issues at schools. Read More

Statement on the Department for Education’s decision not to go ahead with making a prescribed list of languages statutory
by The Board posted in Education

The Department for Education has decided not to go ahead with making a prescribed list of languages statutory as part of Key Stage 2 curriculum changes. In a letter to our President Vivian Wineman, the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove wrote that, We have noted the concerns expressed by organisations such as the Board of Deputies that it could narrow the scope of language teaching in primary schools. Read More

Educating 50 DfE staff about our faith ethos
by The Board posted in Education

As part of the the Faith Group, which we attend regularly, we were asked by the DfE to give them a training event to explain the Jewish Faith to its staff. The aim was to assist them with their work and inform them about Religious practice, offer an understanding about different traditions, and finally how this is reflected in the ethos’ of Jewish Schools. Read More

Young Ambassadors making the case for more RE
by Press Office posted in Education

Young Ambassadors spoke eloquently this week about the importance of Religious Education at a reception of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Education. Read More

A Celebration of Judaism in Derby
by Guest posted in Education

Catherine James organised a hugely successful Celebration of Judaism day in Derby with the help of our Education department and local SACRE reps. Our highly regarded Jewish Way of Life Exhibition was part of the day\'s celebrations. Read More

Norwich High enjoys Seeing Jewish Life
by The Board posted in Education

It has become an annual part of the Norwich High calendar- the summer trip to north London to participate in a Jewish Way of Life Tour. The 60 girls were given a tour of Finchley United Synagogue, including viewing the ornate ark, bimah and sefer torah, before being addressed by Belmont Deputy Hermann Hirschberger MBE who spoke about arriving on the Kindertransport and his life in the UK. Read More

How the Board found historic Sefer Torah new home
by Colin Spanjar posted in Education

The Community Issues Director of the Board Colin Spanjar takes you through an amazing journey in which he was given the task of investigating the origins of an historic 300 year old Sefer Torah, that was discovered in a Kensington flat. Thanks to Colin it now has a new home in a top Jewish school. Read More

Board encouraged at Ebac announcement
by The Board posted in Education

We applaud the Government for deciding not to go ahead with plans to replace GCSEs with the English Baccalaureate Certificate (EBC). Read More

Statement on KS2 languages consultation report
by The Board posted in Education

Please read our statement on Government proposed changes to language teaching at Key Stage 2 Read More

HMD: facing the past and pondering its legacy
by Laura Marks posted in Education

Laura Marks, the Board\'s Senior Vice President, reflects on attending two Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies which reminded the hundreds of people in attendance that HMD is about remembering the past and pondering its legacy. Read More

No two days are the same in Community Issues Division
by Colin Spanjar posted in Education

Colin Spanjar, director of the our Community Issues Division, talks about the exciting and varied life at being centrally involved with all that is best about the Board. Read More

Meeting with the AQA exam board
by Press Office posted in Education

Following the setting of a GCSE Religious Studies examination question asking Why some are people prejudiced against Jews? the Board of Deputies met with senior officials from the AQA Examination Board. Details of the meeting can be found here: Read More

Good Religious Education should convey complexity not be limited by poorly worded exam questions
by Guest posted in Education

Racism can never be justified. Thats why when an exam question last week on a GCSE Judaism paper asked students to Explain briefly why some people are prejudiced against Jews it provoked such outcry from the Board of Deputies of British Jews among other community organisations. Read More

Navigating Jewish life to Balham
by Sara Leviten posted in Education

Thank goodness for the TomTom. How I used to get on a moped and drive around London with no sense of direction, doing my best impersonation of the Michelin man (it was cold even when it wasnt, if you follow), I have no idea. Nowadays I whizz, when needs must, in a car with my TomTom on the loudest setting. Nightingale House, the Jewish Old Age home, is set on a leafy road in Balham, South London. Thats where colleague Sandra Teacher and I were headed... Read More

Ways to Engage- Busy Week in Education
by Guest posted in Education

Sara Leviten, the Boards Education Policy and Projects Manager, writes; While all the teachers wind down for a much deserved break, my work seems to be hotting up. Last week I was invited to spend the day teaching at Gaynes Secondary School in Upminister. My lessons were entitled Chanukah & Everything You Wanted To Ask About Judaism But Never Dared To Ask. Read More

The Board welcomes a new Education Policy and Projects Manager
by Press Office posted in Education

The Board of Deputies is delighted to introduce Sara Leviten as its new Education Policy and Projects Manager. Read More