Our Areas of Work

Much of the Board’s work underpins Jewish life in ways that may not be immediately obvious or apparent, but would be sorely missed if they were not there.

Just some of our areas of work include:

Communities Partnership
Fighting Extremism and AntisemitismFighting Extremism and Antisemitism
Extremism is one of the community’s foremost concerns, and so the Board has always robustly and vocally challenged all forms of antisemitism, racism and bigotry.
Heritage - Preserving our CemeteriesHeritage - Preserving our Cemeteries
Sadly, all over the UK, where vibrant regional Jewish communities once thrived, only the cemeteries remain – many at risk of ruin, disrepair and even vandalism.
Holocaust Era IssuesHolocaust Era Issues
While the events in Europe before and during the Second World War move from personal recollection to historical record, there remain unresolved issues around restitution, compensation, pensions, education and commemoration.
Interfaith RelationsInterfaith Relations
The Board is recognised as the Jewish community leader on initiatives that promote good relations between the UK’s different faith and ethnic communities.
International IssuesInternational Issues
Many of our issues as Jews transcend national borders, requiring us to speak out and act on behalf of other Diaspora Jewish communities in particular regarding antisemitism.
Central to much of our international work is the community’s relationship with the State of Israel, which is why the Board remains unwavering in its approach, as stated in our Constitution, to take “such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing.”
The Board’s Community Research Unit (CRU) collects and analyses key information and data relating to the British Jewish community.
Safeguarding Jewish LifeSafeguarding Jewish Life
The freedoms enjoyed by the Jewish community today can be seen in the number of communal institutions, schools, places of worship and facilities available to young and old.
Social ActionSocial Action
The Board has long been involved in communal initiatives to encourage and promote the British Jewish community’s contribution to a more just and sustainable world for everyone.