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Board outraged by calls for the creation of a list of Hungarian Jews

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is outraged by the call by a member of the Hungarian Jobbik Party for a list to be created of Jews who pose a ‘national security risk’. This directly echoes the measures taken by the wartime Fascist regime whose collaboration with the Nazis ultimately led to the deaths of over 600,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. It is pure antisemitism of the most disturbing kind. 

The Board of Deputies has repeatedly highlighted the rising tide of extremism sweeping across Europe, be it the success of Golden Dawn in Greece, Front National’s 17% share of vote in the recent French Presidential elections or the firebombing of the Jewish Community Centre in Malmo in September. This is without mentioning the almost weekly vandalism of Holocaust memorials and Jewish cemeteries across the continent.
We welcome the condemnation of the Hungarian Government of this latest incident but call upon them to now take practical steps to promote tolerance in Hungarian society; tolerance for Jews, Roma and other minorities. Words are no longer enough.