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Local residents and organisations urged to ‘make their voice heard’ in local government as Board of Deputies launches Jewish Manifesto consultation

Following on from the success of the Board of Deputies’ Jewish Manifestos for the General Election and devolved elections, it is now launching a consultation for a local government version. Jewish communities will be affected by local authority elections across England including all London boroughs, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Hertsmere and Epping Forest in 2018. The […]

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Board of Deputies launches programme to train outreach ambassadors

More than 100 delegates and professionals attended a Board of Deputies training day this week for a new national initiative to train volunteer Judaism outreach ambassadors. The training launch seminar, hosted by the Jewish Museum in London, consisted of workshops and one-to-one sessions with experts. These included author and educationalist Clive Lawton, Pikuach Director Jeffrey […]

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Welcome for tougher guidelines on online hate

Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron has welcomed new, tougher Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on online hate. Gillian said: “This is a positive step towards tackling hate crime in the UK. Whether it is face to face or online, hate speech is illegal and must be treated as such. Social media companies must also […]

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Board of Deputies condemn Barcelona attack

Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Richard Verber has reacted to a van ramming attack on pedestrians in the Spanish thoroughfare of Las Ramblas. Richard said: : “We utterly condemn this brutal attack by terrorists intent on murdering and maiming innocent pedestrians in Barcelona. People of all faiths and none must come together to defeat this […]

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Board of Deputies is recruiting an Office Manager

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is recruiting for an Office Manager. This role will involve taking responsibility for key office functions and providing administrative support to enable the smooth running of the organisation. For more details about the role and how to apply, please click here.

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Jewish and Muslim organisations complain to IPSO about “dangerous” article

Jewish and Muslim organisations in Britain have made a joint complaint about The Sun to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, regarding a “dangerous” anti-Muslim article by Trevor Kavanagh. Their complaint – submitted jointly by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Tell MAMA and Faith Matters – states that: “The printing of the phrase ‘The […]

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Board of Deputies expresses solidarity with Americans against far right

The Board of Deputies stands in solidarity with American Jewish organisations and others taking a stand against the racist “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville, Virginia. Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Richard Verber said: “How can it be that in twenty-first century America, you have extremists openly chanting racist and antisemitic slogans, and mowing […]

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Board of Deputies condemns antisemitic column

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has reacted to a column by Kevin Myers in the Irish edition of The Sunday Times highlighting Jewish presenters Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz and suggesting “Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price”. Jonathan said: ‘This is a disgraceful column […]

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Board of Deputies welcome European Court ruling on Hamas

Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Richard Verber has welcomed the European Court of Justice decision affirming that Hamas remains designated a terror organisation. He said: “As the Board of Deputies has long argued, it is imperative that all responsible international actors ensure that there is no daylight between their positions on an organisation which deliberately targets civilians and consistently violates the […]

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Jonathan Arkush reacts to record antisemitism figures

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has reacted to a report by the Community Security Trust showing a record number of antisemitic hate incidents in the UK. Jonathan said: “The record figure of antisemitic incidents in the first six months of 2017 will be of deep concern to all Jews, particularly as there have been […]

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BLOG: How to harness your pesto power

By Natalie Shaw Several deputies, particularly those outside of London, have recently raised concerns regarding accessing kosher foods prior to last Pesach. Apparently some supermarkets that traditionally offered a limited range of products considerably reduced their range. The Communities Division have briefly discussed this situation and we would like to know of specific problems encountered […]

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Board of Deputies condemns ‘depraved’ murders

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has reacted to the brutal terrorist murders of three Israelis on Friday night. Jonathan said: “The Board of Deputies utterly condemns the depraved murders of Yosef, Chaya and Elad Salomon, as they celebrated the Sabbath and the birth of a new grandchild in Halamish. Such a terrorist attack must […]

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Board of Deputies welcomes Sadiq Khan’s call to ban Hezbollah

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl has reacted to Sadiq Khan’s call for the Home Secretary to fully ban Hezbollah. She said: “This is a welcome step by the Mayor which is fully supported by the Board of Deputies. Hezbollah itself does not distinguish between its military and political wing which, is […]

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Board of Deputies condemnation for Palestine Expo

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has condemned the Palestine Expo scheduled to take place in London this weekend. He said: “The so-called Palestine Expo features a line-up of speakers characterised by their hatred towards one country – Israel.  Some have shown a notable degree of solidarity with terrorist organisations like Hamas. The event shows […]

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Praise for achievements of Women in Jewish Leadership at celebration event

Speakers including Shakira Martin, the president-elect of the National Union of Students, last night celebrated the achievements of Women in Jewish Leadership (WJL) – the project founded to address gender equality issues in the community. Shakira Martin told the audience at the event in central London that “by coming together, women of ethnic minorities can […]

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Board of Deputies President condemns attack on Muslim worshippers

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has condemned last night’s attack outside a mosque in north London. Jonathan said: “We condemn the attack on Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park last night, which appears to be a terrorist incident. Our heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with the victims. This weekend, the Jewish community joined Muslims […]

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Board of Deputies reacts to resignation of Tim Farron

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has reacted to the resignation of Tim Farron as Liberal Democrat leader. He said: Tim Farron made admirable progress in reaching out to the Jewish community and in taking action against bigotry in his party. We wish him well and look forward to working with his successor to continue the positive […]

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Jewish Living Experience exhibition is launched in Hove

Thousands of Sussex schoolchildren will learn about the Jewish way of life following the launch of the Jewish Living Experience exhibition in Hove this week. The launch, which was held at the Ralli Hall in Hove, was organised by the newly formed Sussex Outreach group, led by Deputy Nick Beck from Brighton and Hove Reform […]

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Board of Deputies at AJC Global Forum 2017

Chief Executive Gillian Merron and International Relations Officer David attended AJC (American Jewish Committee) Global Forum 2017 in Washington this week as world leaders, Israeli and US politicians and media personalities came together for a range of sessions covering issues from Muslim-Jewish engagement to the diaspora’s relationship with Israel, geopolitical alliances to youth leadership. Speakers […]

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Solidarity expressed with Manchester Jewish community following arson attacks against kosher restaurants

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl has expressed solidarity with the Manchester Jewish community following arson attacks against kosher restaurants. She said: “We are deeply concerned about the arson attacks against Manchester Kosher restaurants which police are now treating as ‘antisemitic hate crimes’. I am sure the whole community expresses solidarity with […]

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Statement on the terrorist attack on London Bridge

Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron has made a statement following Saturday night’s brutal attack in London. She said: ” We condemn last night’s terrorist incident in the strongest terms. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and our gratitude is with the emergency services. People of all faiths and none must come […]

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Board of Deputies thanks UK Government for stand against WHO on Israel

Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Richard Verber has praised the UK government for voting against a hostile World Health Organisation (WHO) resolution on Israel. He said: “Thank you to the UK Government for taking a principled stand by voting against a resolution condemning Israel at the World Health Assembly of the WHO. The only […]

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The Jewish Manifesto

The Jewish Manifesto is a comprehensive policy document for the community covering policy areas including antisemitism, Israel, education, religious freedom issues like Shechita and Brit Milah, and much more besides. As well as containing detailed information on each of these areas, the policies have once again been summarised into ‘Ten Commitments’ to give politicians an […]

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BLOG: My Story of the Six Day War, by Stephen Gold

Stephen Gold was 20 years old when the Six Day War broke. He left his job to fly to Israel as a volunteeer. This is his story I was 20 in 1967. In  early May we began to realise a tense situation was taking place on all borders surrounding Israel. By May 16th Nasser’s troops were massing […]

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Jonathan Arkush condemns UCU motion on antisemitism

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has condemned a proposed motion due to be discussed by the University and Colleges Union (UCU) at its upcoming congress. He said: “The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism is endorsed by the Jewish community in the UK and across Europe. In the UK it is also […]

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General Election hustings for Jewish voters taking place across the UK

The Board of Deputies is supporting General Election hustings taking place across the UK for Jewish voters. In London, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, the Midlands and Sussex, prospective parliamentary candidates will put their case to voters. Want to know what your local candidate thinks about the issues important to you? Come along to find out. To […]

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A journey through Jewish life

The Board of Deputies is looking for communities who are willing to host our Jewish Living Experience exhibition. The mobile travelling exhibition is aimed primarily at school groups and enables visitors to to gain an insight into Judaism as a living faith. We are also looking for volunteers  to help us to stage our Jewish […]

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Jewish issues to be debated at community hustings this Sunday

Tickets are now available for the Jewish community hustings which will be taking place in central London on Sunday May 14. Discussing the big General Election issues will be Conservative Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Labour’s  Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Baroness Ludford – Liberal Democrat […]

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Congratulations to new French president Macron

Richard Verber, Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies, said: “We congratulate Emmanuel Macron on his clear victory in the French Presidential election. While the far right did alarmingly well in this election, it is a relief to see the force with which the French people have rejected the politics of division and despair. […]

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Jonathan Arkush pays tribute to Prince Philip

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has paid tribute to Prince Philip, following his decision to stand down to step down from royal duties. Jonathan said: “Prince Philip has been given long and tireless public service to our country for over 60 years. We salute him and wish him a very happy retirement. “I had […]

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Board of Deputies welcomes adoption of IHRA antisemitism definition

The Board of Deputies of British Jews warmly welcomes the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism by the Austrian Government. The definition was adopted at the initiative of its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Sebastian Kurz. Senior Vice President Richard Verber said: “This is a very important step taken […]

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Jonathan Arkush supports government rejection of UNESCO Jerusalem motion

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has expressed support for the UK government, which today voted against a UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem: He said: “I noted with appreciation that the UK Government voted against another unacceptable UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem. The resolution, against all historical evidence, seeks to deny or diminish the central connection between […]

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Hamas policy document is a PR stunt, says Board of Deputies

Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Richard Verber has described the new policy document produced by Hamas as “nothing more than a PR stunt aimed at detoxifying its image abroad”. He added: “In reality, the document does nothing to rid Hamas of its inherent antisemitism. The group continues to refuse to recognise the right of […]

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Board of Deputies congratulates Shakira Martin on NUS election

President Jonathan Arkush and Vice President Marie van der Zyl congratulated Shakira Martin on her election as President of the National Union of Students. They said: “For the last year, Malia Bouattia has made the NUS a hostile place for Jewish students and it is welcome that students of all faiths across the country have […]

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Scottish Government adopts working definition of antisemitism

Following the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism by the Scottish Government, the Board of Deputies of British Jews issued the following statement: President Jonathan Arkush said: “We welcome the decision of the Scottish Government to become the latest to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, following discussions […]

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Condemnation for Church of Scotland Balfour 100 report

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has strongly criticised the Church of Scotland’s Balfour 100 report which marks the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. Jonathan said: “In this latest report to its Assembly, the Church of Scotland has retreated in part from the discredited theology deployed in its earlier attempts to address the Middle East […]

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Statement on Egypt attacks targeting Christians

The Board of Deputies of British Jews forcefully condemns the appalling terror attacks on Coptic Christian churches in Tanta and Alexandria, Egypt. These attacks, which took place as people gathered to pray on Sunday, strike at the fabric of Egyptian society and are particularly concerning given the situation faced by Christians and other religious minorities […]

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Join our dynamic staff team

Director of Finance and Operations Responsible for: providing financial management and advice services to the Chief Executive and other senior colleagues; contributing to organisational planning and strategy; acting as the leading interface on income generation; ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and overseeing support services. For more details, click here. Government Affairs Officer The Board […]

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Councillors urged to adopt antisemitism definition at ground-breaking Newcastle-Gateshead seminar

Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron urged councillors from across the North East of England to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism at a seminar in Newcastle-Gateshead on Sunday. The seminar, held at the Newcastle Hebrew Congregation, was described as ‘possibly the most sophisticated political engagement our community has ever […]

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Middlesex University invitation to ‘noxious’ Richard Falk is withdrawn

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has expressed satisfaction that a scheduled appearance at Middlesex University by disgraced former UN Rapporteur on Human Rights Richard Falk has been cancelled. Jonathan said: “Yesterday, the Board of Deputies and Jewish students made urgent representations to the authorities at Middlesex University about the planned talk by Richard Falk. […]

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Jonathan Arkush has “no confidence” that Jewish students will be safe at LSE and Middlesex following Falk invitations

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has relayed his anger and disappointment to Adrian Thomas at LSE and Rebecca Griffin at Middlesex over invitations to former UN rapporteur Richard Falk. Following interventions by UJS and Jewish Students at LSE and Middlesex, Jonathan sent the universities a dossier of antisemitic remarks made by Falk. Jonathan said: […]

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Board of Deputies tell Google of ‘grave concern’ on hate videos

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has spoken of his concern at antisemitic content hosted by Google on YouTube. Jonathan said: “We spoke to a senior member of the Google UK team to signal our grave concern at the hateful content hosted on YouTube. We had a constructive conversation about possible solutions and that dialogue […]

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Welcome for announcement of Counter Terrorist Financing Officer

Richard Verber, Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has welcomed the appointment of a dedicated Counter Terrorist Financing Officer at the Department for International Development: “He said: “We need to ensure that Britain’s vital contributions are going to international development and not international terrorism. This is something that the Board […]

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Board of Deputies welcomes Law Commission “Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty” report

The Board of Deputies has welcomed the Law Commission’s report “Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty”. Prof David Katz, who co-ordinated the Jewish community’s response, noted that the Commission had consulted widely with faith communities, and had taken into account concerns about excessive and unnecessary coroner referrals which have contributed to delays in burial. He […]

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Local councillors learn about Jewish community at Manchester seminar

The Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council and Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region joined together on Sunday to run ‘Jewish Manchester: A Seminar for Local Councillors’, at Heathlands Village, home of The Fed. As well as introducing councillors to the Jewish community and its leading organisations, councillors had the opportunity to attend […]

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Sir Eric Pickles launches nationwide consultation for Holocaust memorial

Sir Eric Pickles MP, the Post-Holocaust Special Envoy, launched a nationwide consultation on the UK Holocaust Memorial in London at Sunday’s Board of Deputies meeting. In introducing an exhibition which features the many of the designs submitted for the memorial to be sited in central London, Sir Eric said: “This exhibition recognises that the Holocaust […]

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